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Hey Tumblr I need your help!!

Patriot Hills of New York is a non-profit organization that is committed to creating a community based Veteran and Family health, wellness and resource outreach center. The center will provide a safe haven for veterans and families to enjoy quality time together, attend on-site training seminars or participate in activities associated with education and employment placement opportunities, financial management, health and human services, therapeutic animals, substance abuse, grief, spiritual, and individual counseling, and many more programs.

It’s a really incredible organization that wants to help Veterans, and we’re raising money to be able to buy property in New York so that we can have a facility to help Veterans.

What I’m asking for is donations, any amount of money you can spare. And I know that money is really tight all over right now, but if you can just please reblog this, we can spread the word and help our nation’s combat Veterans. Please get this notes.


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